Dragon Services offered by Town


Discription of services offered

Larval surveillance: Monitoring and collection of larvae (immature mosquitoes) in mosquito habitats followed by species identification of larval samples.  No disease testing occurs at this stage.

Larval mosquito control (larviciding): Control of larvae in mosquito habitats through the application of larvicides.

Catch basin larval control: Control of larvae in catch basins (storm drains) through the application of larvicides.

Emergency or special event spraying: Control of adult mosquitoes at parks, schools, or recreation fields through the application of adulticides during a public health threat or for special events at the request of town officials.

Road spraying: Adulticides are dispersed from a truck-mounted sprayer, along town road ways at dusk to control adult mosquitoes.  Spraying is dependent upon weather, mosquito population, and disease test results.

Adult mosquito surveillance: Collection, identification, and monitoring of adult mosquitoes.  Disease testing is conducted by the State of NH on those mosquitoes that meet submission requirements.

Greenhead fly trap program: Placement of traps on salt marshes to control greenhead flies.