Psorophora ciliata

Dragon Mosquito Control, Inc specializes in the development and implementation of Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programs for New Hampshire communities. Our programs are designed to control disease vector mosquitoes and nuisance mosquitoes while promoting environmental health.  Dragon works conscientiously to provide municipalities, residential and commercial clients, and visitors to the State of NH with an improved quality of life by reducing mosquito populations and the prevalence of mosquito-borne disease.

The Golden Standard

Dragon Mosquito Control practices Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), a knowledge-based, surveillance-driven approach to mosquito control.  IMM utilizes proven, sound mosquito control techniques designed to exploit the vulnerabilities of mosquitoes. Control measures are taken after a need has been confirmed based on surveillance data and action thresholds.  This strategy allows for prescriptive larvicide and adulticide treatment, an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to mosquito management.  Dragon’s pesticide applicators are trained by industry experts, mentored in IMM best management practices, and licensed by the State of New Hampshire.  All pesticides used by Dragon are registered for use by the State of New Hampshire and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).